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On-Site Hydraulic Filtration Services
C & C Hydraulics is committed to providing you, our clients, with outstanding, no-hassle hydraulic services.

We offer complete on-site hydraulic filtration services:
  • complete hydraulic systems installation

  • hydraulic system conversion from petroleum-based oil to water glycol

  • redo hydraulic power units for leak stoppage on-site hydraulic fluid change and filtration. We filter water glycol, mineral oil, diesel fuel, lube oil, and transmission fluid.

  • hydraulic system repairs and maintenance

  • consulting

  • mobile on-site unit available
Our on-site services are acked by our own hydraulic rebuild and remanufacturing plant. Depend on us to take care of your plant's hydraulic filtration and maintenance needs.

on-site hydraulic filtration services

"Cut costs while promoting your company's environmental responsibility. Recycling and reusing hydraulic fluid is the answer to the spiraling expense of replacing and disposing of dirty oil and water glycol."
Service and Repairs Done With "I Love My Job" Quality!
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