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Portable Filtration Cart Model 120
Oil Filtration:
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Lubricating Oil
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Do You Experience These Problems?
  • Contaminates in Oil
  • Moisture in Oil
  • System Failure
  • High Replacement Costs
  • Disposal Cost
  • Service Outages

COMO Oil Filtration Systems
Through multi-pass filtration, the water and/or particulate can be removed form the oil and thus extend fluid life. Oil is cleaned continuously, minimizing oil disposal costs with ultra fine filtration.

Model 120
  • Cleans Oil Fast & Continuously
  • Ultra Fine Contamination Control to One Micron or Below
  • Water Removed Up to One Gallon Per Element
  • Moves Easily From Job to Job
  • Fully Automatic Operation

  • 3,5,8 GPM Gear Pump
  • Inlet Wye Strainer
  • High-Low Pressure Switch
  • Power Indicator
  • Run Indicator
  • Flow Control
  • Transfer

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