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Hydraulic Fluid Filtration
Go Green and Save!

Cut costs while promoting your company's environmental responsibility. Recycling and reusing hydraulic fluid is the answer to the spiraling expense of replacing and disposing of dirty oil and water glycol.

Count on C & C Hydraulics for your in-plant hydraulic system cleaning and maintenance services. Our state-of-the art portable filtration carts use high tech, ultra-fine filters to remove contaminants and unnecessary moisture without damaging precious hydraulic fluid.

The traditional method of replacing dirty hydraulic fluid in the tank with new oil or glycol does not solve the problem! Dirty fluid remains in the system, trapped in the hoses, coating surfaces, and pooled in crevices. As new fluid flows in, it simply mixes with the old. Often, within a matter of weeks, lab analysis will show that the fluid needs to be replaced again.

C & C Hydraulic's multi-pass filtration process guarantees that the entire hydraulic system is thoroughly cleaned, and all the dirty fluid is flushed out and filtered. When the process is completed, your recycled hydraulic fluid will be as good as, or even cleaner than, new!
water glycol samples before and after filtration
Water glycol samples. left:  Before filtration.  right: After six passes through the filter cart.

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