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Not Just Another Filter

When it comes to filters there are two choices: COMO's patented depth media and all the others. Standard filters are typically pleated paper or waste materials that provide only partial filtration. COMO's depth filtration provides efficient axial length of the media segment resulting in filtration to one micron (1um) or below. The integrity of the filter element is maintained even as it loads up with contamination and the delta-P (pressure across the filter) goes up. The hydraulic pressure of the fluid compressing the layers of media together prevents a channel from forming that could allow unfiltered fluid to pass through the element.

Because we have eight different filter medias and four flow depths yielding thirty-two different element selections, we can achieve the desired cleanliness level for virtually any fluid.

filter elements
COMO filter vs. standard filter Suggested types of fluids that may be filtered:
     • Hydraulic Oil
     • Water Glycol Hydraulic
     • Synthetic Hydraulic Fluids
     • Fire Retardant Hydraulic Fluids
     • Quench Oil
     • Cutting Oil
     • Lubricating Oil
     • Drawing Oil
     • Gear Oil
     • Transformer Oil
     • Water Based Coolants
     • Air & Gas Compressor Oil
     • Refrigeration Compressor Oil
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