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Unibloc Pump Rebuild
SAVE BIG $$$$$ ON A UNIBLOC PUMP REBUILD! Unibloc pump authorized service center

Unibloc Pump Rebuild Flyer
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Introducing Unibloc Pumps (PDF)

Unibloc Pump Brochure
Complete Tech Specifications (PDF)

Unibloc Mini Pump Brochure

Pump Comparison
UNIBLOC-PD vs Waukesha (PDF)
  • As New warranty

  • Quick Turnaround service available on PD300, PD350, and PD400 hot oil and batter pumps

C & C Hydraulics is an Authorized Service Repair Center for UNIBLOC Pumps

Our company slogan is Repairs Done with “I Love My Job” Quality. And we do. We at C&C Hydraulics pride ourselves in the fact that we do great work at a very competitive price. We keep up with the latest technology to make sure your Unibloc Pump is rebuilt back to factory specs.

We are saving plants up to $1000.00 and more per pump over buying a new pump!

If you are not currently using Unibloc, we can assist you in changing to Unibloc at your plant to make sure that you are operating with a better pump with a lot less maintenance.

We offer a pick up and delivery service in our area and are set up with a number of freight lines to get your pumps back to you in a timely manner. We keep parts in our stock for quick turnaround to serve you even faster. And, of course, we rebuild several other lines of pumps, motors, cylinders, etc.

So give us a call at C&C Hydraulics and we can get your Company saving money like we have for so many others. 

Service and Repairs Done With "I Love My Job" Quality!
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